Tommy McCoy

I’ve been playing music pretty much as long as I can remember. I started out playing low brass instruments that I could barely hold. I eventually discovered guitar when a guy in my junior high school band class bet me that I couldn’t learn Stairway to Heaven overnight. I lost but was hooked. I played a lot of open mics through high school with much older and better musicians and started developing what they called an odd style. I picked up bass after high school when a friend asked me to “sit in” while his band looked for a bass player. That wound up being my first gigging band, Crackbaby. I played with them and it eventually morphed into another band whose name is so embarrassing I’m not gonna mention it. I later was asked to join a band called This Machine where I met our guitar player Chris. Dude’s skills blew me away and we had this strange click almost immediately. This Machine toured regionally for about a decade and we were able to release two full lengths. I took a long hiatus from music and Chris called me one day to see if I wanted to get back to playing and join a new project he has called MoonScar. Obviously I said yes. The four of us meshed very well together and we each bring our own unique styles which makes for music that is hard to fit into any one definite genre. I can’t say that I have any bands that are “influences” per se. I am influenced more by the styles of genres and they range from classical and depression era jazz to metal core and everything in between.