MoonScar is a 4 piece rock band based out of Bluefield, WV with heavy grunge, southern and metal influences in the music they write. With MoonScar it’s all about having fun in the moment and sharing that experience with others. Collectively, the band has only been together for a year, but the experience from each individual in the band as a recording and touring musician speaks for itself.

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Frank Roop

Frank "Spike" Roop

Lead vocals / rhythm guitar

Roop started to take interest in music in junior high choir and got his first guitar in 1987. Over the years he fronted local bands such as Necropolis, Paper Dragon, Treasure Pop and Random Code. In 1999 Roop moved to Myrtle Beach,SC to play bass for the rock band Echo 7. Echo 7 later on signed a record deal with In De Goot Entertainment/Universal and released their debut album One Step Away in 2001. READ MORE »

Chris Holston

Chris Holston

Lead Guitar

Chris Holston started playing in 1984. Inspired by 80’s and 90’s rock and metal. He played in a few local and regional bands (Crisis, Judgement, Shovel with current drummer Bobby Chappell, Tempal and This Machine) before helping to form the newest project Moonscar.

Tommy McCoy

Tommy McCoy


I’ve been playing music pretty much as long as I can remember. I started out playing low brass instruments that I could barely hold. I eventually discovered guitar when a guy in my junior high school band class bet me that I couldn’t learn Stairway to Heaven overnight. I lost but was hooked. I played a lot of open mics through high school with much older and better musicians and started developing… READ MORE »

Bobby Chappell

Bobby Chappell


Bobby Chappell is from Fredericksburg Va. He is one of the founding members and drummer of the Bluefield WV based Grunge/Hardrock band MoonScar. He began playing drums around 1989 with the influences of Nicko McBrain of Iron Maiden and John Bonham of Led Zepplin. With his years in the drum line in the marching band came more progressive and rudimental drumming. READ MORE »

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